Action Plan on Custodial Survey

Published on December 9, 2021 in Office of Facilities

Dear Colleagues,

We heard from you. Now hear from us.

We measured and benchmarked our overall customer satisfaction program with surveys in the spring of 2019 (baseline) and the spring of 2021. A total of 655 people responded to the survey, equaling 40% of staff. We recognize that last year was a year where we had to enhance cleaning protocols, due to COVID-19. However, measurements have shown the following areas need improvement:

  • Hallways are clean, floors are shiny
  • Stairwells and foyers are clean, handrails wiped, free of debris
  • Cafeteria is clean and free of debris in the morning and properly cleaned throughout the day
  • Classrooms are cleaned daily, trash emptied, floor swept /vacuumed /dusted /mopped
  • Outside perimeter is policed and cleaned daily
  • The enhanced cleaning protocols implemented in July 2020 make me feel comfortable and safe while working on site

From that, we have created the below action plan:


  • Nightly high dust and spot mopping with the Cintas microfiber program
  • Newer pad technology used on the auto scrubbers


  • Backpack vacuums used daily


  • Surveillance increase


  • Attention to detail cleaning, further training, and implementation of the microfiber program


  • Refocus attention to daily operations along with the enhanced cleaning

This is a priority for Operations Team for the 2021 school year as we return to full onsite. We encourage you all, as you experience issues with any categories, to report them via FMX.

Please let me know if you have any questions.