Add an Image to Your Work Requests!

Published on April 3, 2019 in Office of Facilities

School Dude has added the ability to attach an image or document to your work order.

See step 6 on the work order to add your file. If you do add a file, please add the text “see picture or document” into the field at step 4.

add file to school dude

Please also remember to select the appropriate purpose for the work order in step 5.

  • General Custodial – toilet issues, paper towels, trash from classroom, floor needs swept/mopped, lights & ballasts
  • Transfers/Deliveries – books/materials transferred to another location, request for chairs or equipment for an event
  • Unscheduled Maintenance – leaky faucets, room temperature, roof leaks
  • Vandalism – graffiti, broken windows
  • Emergency – fire, flood
    • Call David Hughes at Facilities ( 717-291-6106) as well as submit a work order