Are you planning an event that includes set up?

Published on April 17, 2019 in Office of Facilities

F S Direct is used to adequately support an event with custodial set up and clean-up.

Maintenance Direct work order is used to transfer any furniture or equipment from one place to another for an event. You will need to also submit an FS Direct to secure your event and custodial assistance for the event.

To have a successful event, allow at least 10 days’ notice for to prepare for event with coverage.

Effective April 1, 2019 Facilities no longer has tables to provide for events. Tables may now be rented through “Ace The Party Place” @ 1103 Ranck Mill Rd, Lancaster. Tele 717-393-1707.

Tables will be charged to your building budget.

Facilities has 200 chairs for events on a first come first serve basis. Ace Rents also has chairs for rental.

Prior to scheduling your event, verify with your building lead custodian to see if your building has chairs available or contact the Office of Facilities to see if chairs are available.

Please view the Ace The Party Place inventory/price list.

Please follow the steps below to obtain tables:
Email David @ for a quote
Enter requisition for vendor #39 in MUNIS