Bagged Lunch Orders from Food Service for Field Trips & Special Events

Published on March 20, 2019 in Office of Food Service

field tripThe cafeteria staff has and always will try to accommodate schools with field trips and special events. To accomplish this, please follow these procedures. Thank you!

PEANUT ALLERGIESDue to the increasing number of students with peanut allergies and the concern for safety at mealtime, all bagged lunches will be packed with a Wow Butter sandwich (soy butter).

ICE CHESTS/COOLERSFood Services is not able to supply ice chests or coolers. To insure the safety of our students, please be sure to plan ahead to keep lunches and milk cold.

ALL SCHOOL. When the entire school is traveling or having a field day, lunches can be provided. Food Service will not bag them, but will send the entire lunch in bulk. Please keep all food items off the floor when assembling lunches.

SCHEDULING. The first day back from a holiday/weekend (for example the Tuesday after Memorial Day) OR any Monday, Food Service is able to pack lunches for the first 200 requests only. The school must arrange to pick up these lunches at the J.P. McCaskey cafeteria after 8:30 a.m. (Please, no exceptions). All other days, we will bag the first 500 requested and deliver to the schools.

INFORMATION A WEEK IN ADVANCE. A faculty member must provide the cafeteria staff proper information at least 1 week prior to the field trip or event.

Rosters will be provided to teachers the day before the event. The rosters must be returned to the cafeteria staff when the bagged lunches are picked up. This means attendance is taken and the proper number of lunches are given to the classes. These lunches need to be entered into the POS system the same day for proper accountability. (This is a requirement of the State of Pennsylvania).

FRIDAY, MAY 24, 2019 is the last day to place a bagged lunch order!

DELIVERIES. When Food Service delivers bagged lunches, it is to SDoL buildings only.

For questions or assistance, please contact Kathy Brinkman at or the Office of Food Service at 717-291-6235.