Building Staff End of School Year Checklist

Published on May 29, 2019 in Office of Facilities
  1. All food and beverages must be removed from the classrooms/offices.
  2. Clean closets, shelves and purge items for trash on or before June 14th.
  3. Remove personal items including furniture and appliances. Any non-district furniture or appliances left will be discarded.
    • Common area appliances are a building responsibility. The facilities staff is not able to provide appliance cleaning or maintenance.
    • If you want to bring your appliance next year, it must be brought to the facilities office for registration and tagging before going to your building.
  4. Remove all items including identifying stickers, nametags, etc. from desk and chairs.
  5. Remove all items including books, etc. from tops of heaters in classrooms and offices.
  6. Clear tops of file cabinets/shelving, teachers’ desks, tables etc. so they can be moved.
  7. Empty teacher desks so they can be removed for scrubbing and waxing floors. We will not be responsible for items left in desk drawers.
  8. Remove personal carpets and area rugs unless you want it discarded. Only SDOL carpeting will be cleaned.
  9. Draw a simple diagram of room arrangement and attach it to inside classroom door.

This article was originally published on May 15, 2019 and updated on June 12, 2019.