Business Cards

Published on September 2, 2021 in Office of Business and Operations

Due to the closure of the Lancaster CTC print shop, we have a new process for ordering SDoL business cards. A full outline of the procedure is available on the intranet. This process allows you to order your own business cards through the GANCOM web portal, including proofing.

A few notes of importance:

  • LTL employees are afforded business cards through a central budget, utilizing the blanket PO number noted in the procedure
  • Under limited circumstances LEA or AFSCME employees may be approved for business cards; however, those requests require a specific PO from your building/department budget
  • Carefully review the proof provided on-screen; if something does not look correct, do not proceed!
  • If you have trouble configuring a card with your necessary information, contact GANCOM ( for assistance