Discipline Data Entry and Processing Referrals

Published on January 21, 2021 in Office of Technology

In the summer of 2020 we shared the work and improvements made to the discipline module in Synergy, as well as a review of the discipline guidelines. However, due to COVID, schools haven’t been seeing as many discipline incidents. In order to support schools, we wanted to provide the following reminders and supports:

  • Any accepted referral must be changed from a “major” code to a Student Code of Conduct or Safe Schools code. Please reference the Discipline Resource Guide for additional information on coding.
  • The Discipline Referral Processing training video will walk through the entire referral process. From the teacher view point of entering a referral to accepting and entering all of the fields needed for state reporting. Feel free to jump to minute 24:00 that references the process for referrals that have been entered and how to accept and complete a discipline incident.
  • The Discipline Incidents from Referrals documentation contains step by step instructions on processing referrals and creating a discipline incident. This written documentation mirrors the training video.
  • In a pinch and don’t have time to watch the video or read the documentation? There’s two great options.
    • Scheduled Open Zoom sessions – pop in during these scheduled times and we can help answer whatever questions you have. You can find the specific dates and times on the Tech Highlights Training Calendar.
    • Contact the HelpDesk! We can either schedule a time that fits your schedule or answer any questions you have.