Do you have books that need to be sent to the warehouse?

Published on September 30, 2020 in Office of Facilities

booksPlease contact your building instructional coach or your building secretary to enter a book return request, using the instructions found at this link: How to Request a Warehouse Book Return.These instructions include a link to the form that will need to be completed in order to begin the process.

A few items to note about the process:

  • The appropriate Office of Teaching & Learning Coordinator will approve or deny the request after reviewing.
  • If there are book returns to multiple coordinators, use the link to fill out one form per coordinator and box the items separately.
  • If approved, the requester will receive an email with labels. Labels will need to be completed, printed, and affixed to each box. All boxes are expected to be moved to the pickup location. If there are 5 or more boxes, they must be placed on a skid (contact a building custodian for assistance). Be sure to follow this process to avoid delays in pickup.