Getting Ready for Summer Break

Published on April 29, 2021 in Office of Facilities

The Light At The End of the Tunnel

As the end of the school year comes into sight, it’s never too early to begin thinking about purging all that accumulated paper, outdated or unnecessary student work/projects, or other unwanted items from your classrooms and offices in preparation for summer cleaning.

The amount of clutter and excess furniture in these rooms has a direct impact on how well the custodial staff can clean and prepare your room for the next school year.

In order to provide the most efficient and effective summer cleaning we need your help. The more time our custodians have to concentrate on cleaning versus moving excess materials and furniture the better our buildings can be cleaned. Please take the time to review the checklist below.

We’ll assist in removing excess class project materials, accumulated boxes, unwanted district furniture, or whatever you have. There are a couple of ways to handle this; you can either stack the material in your room or in the hall just outside your door with a note to discard it and we’ll pick it up at the end of the day. Another option is to talk to the custodian on duty and show him/her what you have to discard. We’ll even supply extra-large trash cans if needed.

Building Staff End of School Year Checklist

  1. All food and beverages must be removed from the classrooms/offices.
  2. Clean out closets, shelves, etc. and purge items for trash before June 14th.
  3. Remove all personal items including furniture and appliances. Any non-district furniture or appliance left behind will be discarded without notice.
    • Common area appliances are a building responsibility. The facilities staff does not provide appliance cleaning or maintenance.
    • If you want to bring your appliance back next year it must be brought to the facilities office for registration and tagging before going to your building.
  4. Remove all items including identifying stickers/nametags, etc. from desk/chairs.
  5. Remove all items including books, etc. from tops of unit ventilators (heaters in classrooms/offices).
  6. Clear tops of file cabinets/shelving, teacher’s desks, tables etc. so they can be moved as needed.
  7. Teacher desks must be emptied so they can be removed from the classroom for scrubbing/waxing. We will not be responsible for items left in desk drawers.
  8. Only SDOL owned carpeting will be cleaned.
    • Any personal carpets or area rugs must be removed from the building. Those left behind will be discarded
  9. Draw a simple diagram of room arrangement and attach to inside classroom door.