Information Technology Updates – September 2021

Published on September 30, 2021 in Office of Technology


The start of October is the kick off for state reporting which includes many data elements. There isn’t an individual in the district who isn’t impacted by submissions to PDE through PIMS (Pennsylvania Information Management System). Make sure you stay tuned to e-mails and additional communications throughout the year and reach out to the HelpDesk should you need any assistance.


One of our goals is to provide proactive communications and resources to end users in an effort to mitigate questions that we see on the HelpDesk. Some of the ways we do this is by creating videos or documentation and posting on the Knowledge Base (accessible from the Intranet). We will also post announcements in Synergy for specific issues or questions that we are repeatedly receiving on the HelpDesk.

Please utilize both resources but also know that you can always reach out to the HelpDesk via phone (ext 31914) or by entering a ticket and selecting the “Synergy/SIS” category.

District Intranet Change

The district intranet is an internal website that provides multiple resources and applications for SDoL employees. The most commonly used applications are the SAAF system for employee on-boarding and the Transportation Request form that’s used for setting up student bussing.

The main page of the intranet contains shortcut tiles that connect employees with other various applications. Until a few days ago, there was one collection of tiles and there was no particular order or function. This has been updated and all shortcut tiles now fall into one of three categories.

  • Educational Resources
  • Administrative Resources
  • Support Resources

If you would like a shortcut tile added to any section, please submit a helpdesk ticket.