Pest Control

Published on December 22, 2021 in Office of Facilities

pest guyPest control services for the entire District are now being provided by Tomlinson Bomberger Lawn Care and Pest Control. As the school year began, Tomlinson Bomberger provided each building a “Pest Control Log Book” for staff to log routine pest issues and sightings. This book needs to remain in the main office for ease of access and availability in case we’re asked by a parent or governing agency to view it. When the Tomlinson Bomberger technician arrives for the regularly scheduled service he will rely on what‘s been added to the log book as well as any urgent work orders we send to determine the level of service he will provide.

Fall/Winter Pests

Fall is here and that means all kinds of critters are looking for a warm space to call home and to get an easy meal. We typically have a significant increase in the frequency of mice sightings as well as American cockroaches in the fall and winter months but we can reduce and all but eliminate the issue if we stop providing a food source for them. Snacks and other food in classrooms and offices will definitely attract these pests and will add to the difficulty in eliminating them given the treatment methods we’re allowed to use. So help yourself by not storing food, snacks, or candy in your space.

For more information on how to control pests, please see article