Extended Day Tutoring Process

Published on November 10, 2021 in Office of Business and Operations

One of the operational goals for this school year is to leverage our electronic systems to make payroll for extended day/year programming more efficient and effective for all staff. To help accomplish this goal, we have migrated the payroll timekeeping from Excel-based time sheets to our KRONOS timekeeping software.

The district expectation is that all tutors will electronically transfer in when they start working in the program and electronically clock out when leaving the program. Options for clocking in/out are using your phone, iPad, or computer.

If a punch is missed, the tutor should send an electronic time change request in Kronos to the lead tutor. Lead tutors can electronically request time changes from Kathi Loferski, the program supervisor.

Since Federal funds are being utilized for extended day programs, it is very important that tutors electronically enter their time for auditing purposes.

We know that everyone is very busy and we appreciate your willingness to work together to make this process successful.

For your reference, please find links to the Kronos instructions provided below.