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Published on April 14, 2021 in Office of Facilities

In February, we mentioned that we were looking into different work order and facilities scheduling systems. We have decided to replace SchoolDude with FMX.

What is FMX?

  • FMX is a Facilities Management eXpress work order and events scheduling platform. Facilities event scheduling will automatically generate a transportation request for the athletic department as well as a maintenance technician for a work request/event setup.
  • FMX integrates sports schedules as well as requests for field trips which will route to a transportation specialist and Shultz, our transportation contractor.

Why are we switching to FMX you ask?

  • Because we’ve heard your concerns with the current work order system and events platform
  • System is fully customizable to SDoL’s needs
  • Fewer passwords ~ log in to the network and you are in FMX, no submittal password needed
  • Simple to enter a request
  • Can easily upload photo or document
  • Live support team available at your fingertips

Who can use FMX?

  • All district employees

When will it go live?

  • July 1, 2021

When will training occur?

  • Training videos will be available in Knowledge Base after July 1, 2021

Where can you find out more information about FMX?

  • More information can be found in Knowledge Base on the intranet soon

We intend to import all active work orders to FMX. In the event that some work orders are missed, we apologize in advance and ask that you please resubmit.

We will also continue to provide the service of entering a work order if needed.