Winter Survival Tips

Published on November 10, 2021 in Office of Facilities

tips and tricksHere are a couple of things you can do to keep your classroom or office warm and cozy.

  • Remove all items including books, files etc. from the tops of unit ventilators (heaters in classrooms/offices). Also ensure that the grills on the bottom of the unit are not blocked. This is where the air to be heated enters the unit.
  • Ensure your room thermostat is not influenced by fans, lamps, computers, printers or any other device that produces heat.
  • Close the blinds at night and let the sun shine in during the day. It’s amazing how much heat the sun will provide through your windows.

If you do not have heat, please call the Office of Facilities at 717-291-6106 as well as submit a work order in FMX.

bootsProper footwear must be worn during inclement weather because of potential ice, snow, and other slick conditions on parking lot and sidewalk surfaces. Shoes with rubber or other gripping soles are recommended to be worn into the buildings.  If you prefer to wear other types of shoes,  please change once inside the building.